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Our Projects

IT Infrastructure Deployment Success in Amazon

Desmatech spearheaded the complete IT setup for Amazon’s downtown Toronto office, deploying hardware, network infrastructure, and dual-monitor systems. With a dedicated team of 10 experts working from 5:30 pm to 12 am in 2021, we ensured precision and efficiency in completing the project within one month. Cable tying and meticulous attention to detail ensured a seamless workspace environment, showcasing our commitment to delivering excellence in IT infrastructure deployment.

Efficient IT Deployment in Walmart Head Office

Desmatech efficiently completed IT deployment at Walmart’s head office in Mississauga within 15 days. With a focused team of three professionals working from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, we ensured swift completion. Our precision and attention to detail guaranteed seamless integration of systems, showcasing our commitment to excellence in IT deployment for large-scale organizations.

Seamless System Migration Success for BMO Bank

Desmatech undertook a comprehensive IT service project for BMO Bank, spanning locations in Brampton, Mississauga, and downtown Toronto in 2020. Our team meticulously executed monitor and printer setups, and software installations, and conducted seamless migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10. With a two-month timeline, we ensured minimal disruption while optimizing the bank’s IT infrastructure for enhanced efficiency and security.

Router Upgrade and Software Integration in GTA Esso Gas Stations

Desmatech successfully upgraded routers and integrated lottery machine software across GTA Esso gas stations in 2022. With precision and efficiency, our team ensured seamless transitions, optimizing network performance and enhancing customer experience. Working closely with station managers, we executed the upgrades with minimal downtime, demonstrating our commitment to delivering reliable IT solutions for businesses

Efficient Setup and Monitoring of 200 Laptops for Ontario Election Project

Desmatech played a crucial role in the Ontario election project of 2021, overseeing the setup and monitoring of 200 laptops and scanners. From initial deployment to rigorous testing, our team ensured smooth operation throughout the election process, providing accurate area-wise reports to RO officers. With meticulous attention to detail, we contributed to the seamless execution of democratic processes, upholding the integrity and efficiency of the electoral system.